6890. Back Detector makeup shutdown error issue. (Shutdown #12)

I have a 6890. I am getting a back detector makeup shutdown error. (Shutdown #12) The setpoint is 7.8 but is running 7.7. Any ideas how to get it to setpoint or fix the problem?

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    I’m sorry for the delayed reply to your message.  Do you still need assistance with this? If you do, please take into consideration the notes below. However, if the issue was resolved, could you please share what the resolution was?

    For any gas shutdown of any sort, you need to check the following:

    - If you have a second detector, does that have the same problem? If yes, it is likely a gas supply problem, not a detector problem.

    - Is there is still enough gas left in the tank? Alternatively, whether the gas generator is working/providing pressure to the GC.

    - Do you have appropriate gas pressure from the regulator, going to the GC?

    - Are there any external leaks present on the gas lines/tank fittings/gas filter fittings? A leak detector will be best to check these.

    - Do any of the other gases on that detector come to setpoint (for FID, do air and H2 reach setpoints)?

    - Do the inlet gasses meet setpoints?

    Depending on the answer to those questions, you can identify whether the problem comes from the gas supply, leaks in the gas lines/tank/filters, or from the EPC.or EPC board.

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