Gas filter saturating quickly

We have two systems both connected to the same gas supply. Last month we had to change one of our gas filter systems as it was saturated, the first time we have had to change it in 2 years. Yesterday the same instrument needed a replacement filter again, but I was unable to detect any leaks. Air & water check passed, same as the leak restriction test. I do not believe i installed it incorrectly as i followed the touch screen steps on our 8890 system.

Does anybody have any idea? Is it just a bad lot of filters?

  • Hello  ,

    I’m sorry for the delayed reply to your message.  Do you still need assistance with this? If you do, please take into consideration the notes below. However, if the issue was resolved, could you please share what the resolution was?

    What type of filter are you using? And which one of the filters is getting saturated? 

    You could check the base of the filters to see if the O-rings are cracked, damaged or missing. There should be replacement filters in the new filter kits you ordered, as well as tools and instructions on how to swap those.

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