Hi Guys, 

I have a GC that does not seperate natural gas(maily C1 and C2 with small traces of C3+), it comes as almost one peak, and for condensate (C3+) it seperates C6+, and does not seperate C3÷C5, 

I Have, 

1: Readjusted the split ratio Many Many times

2:Replaced the liner

3:Overhauld the injecter

4:Trimmed and reconditioned the column

5:Replaced the column

6:Overhauld the valves

7:Replaced FID board

8:Replaced FID cable

9:Overhauled FID

11:Readjusted the septum purge

12:Verified EFC is functioning

Still seperates C6+ and keeping C2÷C5 not seperated 

What do you think can be the cause of this? 

Looking forward to your kind answers. 

Many thanks

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