problem in 7809b gc

hii, i m facing a problem when i m using 7809b gc online.....when i started this then offline shows on the chemstation status....while i open online gc still offline shows on chemstation status,,what should i do.

  • The configuration process typically generates two icons, one that says 'GC Name' Online, and a second that says 'GC Name' Offline.  Try both icons and look for different behaviors by watching the process as each launches.  If neither of the icons get you to an online copy, launch the online GC ChemStation without using the shortcut icons. 

    For B versions, this is done through Windows Start menu.  The instructions for this will differ with versions of ChemStation and Windows, but should be something like Programs/Agilent ChemStation/Instrument 1 online -- assuming that your GC is configured as instrument One. 

    For OpenLab ChemStation (C Versions), open the desktop icon that says "Control Panel", select your instrument, then click 'Launch'.

    Let us know what you learn.

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