Analyte protectant - PAH

I'm transferring a PAH method from HRMS to TQS. We are trying to use the same column as before. On the HRMS, I can pressure program at a higher rate to get the late eluters out faster, but the HES source limits me from doing this. My late eluters (Dibenzopyrenes) are so broad there are barely picked up in solvent standards. In matrix, the peaks are much more narrow and easily detected. We are trying to avoid matrix matched standards because it would mean changing the extraction (plus can't find a clean matrix). Most of my method is similar to an Agilent brochure on method suggestions (source temp, pressure pulse injection, liner.. etc). We also use a pre-column. The sensitivity is stable according to the tune but each run these back analytes are getting worse.

I wanted to explore analyte protectants but mostly see results with pesticides, anyone have any experience with PAH, or if not, any direction I should follow to explore?  This is my last thought on what I can do.

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