HP 6890 External Device not ready

HP 6890 used only for manual injection and has no external devices hooked up to it, says external device not ready. Anyone seen this? I attempted to connect a hydrogen sensor to it yesterday, and it uses the remote connection on the back of the GC. I could never get it to work correctly so I unhooked it. The GC now says external device not ready whenever I queue up a run. I can hit start on the GC and the GC will run the method, but it used to say "ready for injection." I've restarted the GC several times, reconfigured it in OpenLab Ezchrom, deleted the GC in Ezchrom and created it again, but it still says "external device" on the GC screen instead of "ready for injection.

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  • Hi, I checked lugs and don't see anything touching. This is a very old GC, and this is the first time we are plugging anything into the remote connection. I did connect my hydrogen sensor back to it, and everything with the sensor seems to be working right now, but it still says "external device not ready" even though it is ready and working. The GC still works, and we are able to run on it, but it should say "ready for injection."

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