Molsieve Separation for O2 and N2

We used to have a clear O2 N2 separation previously. But when we slightly increased the temperature program during the O2 N2 separation, O2 peak disappears. Is it merging with N2 due to increase in temperature? Kindly have some light on this.

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  • Dear Lance, Thanks for your response. We have 3 packed columns, 4 ft hayesep Q precolumn, 10 ft Hayesep Q analytical column and 10 ft 13X Mol Sieve column. The temperature program looks fine. The real issue we noticed is, initial runs are perfect, after  a few runs, O2 peak area keep on coming down and a hump started appearing along with H2S peak. We couldnt find any leakage in any of the valves. We have tried saturating the Hayesep Q analytical column with pure Oxygen runs based on the advice from one the forum response. Kindly advce.

  • Are you using hydrogen carrier?  Water tracks close to H2S on a Q column so I'm wondering if there is a reaction of some sort happening on the column.

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