THT analysis in Natural Gas using DB Sulfur SCD

Hi All , I am interested in measuring sulfur species in natural gas. i know there is tbM and THT ( tetrahydrothiophene) present as odorants. but I am not seeing THT in the chromatogram. I do not have a reference standard of THT, but was wondering if there are any published methods or applications that include THT analysis with this column, to give me an idea of where it should elute. ( or it it does  ). There is Agilent application for petroleum fractions on this column with a very extensive range of sulfur species but unfortunately not THT. I would prefer not to use a different column. 

  • Hi tfmann,

    the DB-Sulfur column is tuned for sulfur components with SVCD use, but it is close to an apolar DB-1. You might see slight deviations in retention, but it looks like application note C775:



  • Thanks  Norbert, I have since found an Agent application note titled " Analysis of Sulfur Compounds in Petroleum Gases and Natural Gas" which specifically uses the DB-Sulfur -SCD column, and includes THT...but it was helpful to know that the DB-1 column gives a similar separation. I am now confident I should have seen THT on the NG sample I ran, but it was not present. 

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