7890a Auto stop occurs after one sequence progression

Hi, everyone.

Suddenly, from yesterday, it does not automatically proceed to the next sequence after the sequence ends with a message like the picture below.

(The following parts of the Method are Not Consistent with the GC  Configuration.)

The message pops up approximately 30 minutes after the sequence starts.

If I press the resolve button, the same screen will pop up continuously, and if I press the don't resolve button, the window will no longer appear and will not automatically proceed to the next sequence.

In order to take action, we selected a method that worked normally, but the same symptoms continue to occur. 

Please give us your opinions.

Thank you.

  • It looks like theres a problem with the back inlet/back autosampler -  the gc does not recognize it anymore - but it seems to be defined within the method, meaning it has a inlet temperature ect.

    Did you change something regarding the back inlet? or the back autosampler?

    Do you use the back inlet to inject the samples? Or the front inlet?

    I see 2 FID chromatograms on there, is it a system with 2 inlets where you just use the front inlet to inject and then the sample gets split (with a Y splitter) onto 2 different columns ?

    Maybe you made a mistake when setting up the sequence - you chose the correct method for the first sample and then a different method for the 2nd sample (a different method that might cause this error)?

  • Hi ,   Thanks for your question. I do not if the problem was already fixed. If it has been fixed please feel free to update us with the solution. In case it was not fixed I will suggest  you to create a new method and sequence from default method .  (Load defaults method and sequence  save  method and sequence with another name and then edit the method and select  flow, pressure,  positions of the ALS, detectors... ) do the same with the sequence.

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