Dean Switch Problem

Hello, im having a problem with a 2d GC using the Deans Switch system.
Its a 8890 GC with 2 FIDs.
The problem is that, when cutting peaks from the 1st dimension to the 2nd dimension (2nd column), all peaks on the 2nd dimensions get split into 2 peaks.
Its not a inlet problem - if it was, all peaks would show up as 2 peaks also on the 1st column (Monitor FID).

Heres the chromatogram of a standard only separated using the 1st column and going to the Monitor FID:

The peaks look fine.

chromatogram before activating the valve

Here are both Chromatograms when the Dean Switch is in use, switching times are set, and 3 compounds are going to the 2nd column (and 2nd FID).

Thats where they show up split. A 2nd peak is adjacent to the main peak.

Any ideas?

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