In line sampling for 6850A (G2630A); Are there sample valves for this model?

I am looking to set up in line sampling on a GC/FID (6850A, G2630A) with a capillary column. I have found sample valves listed for 6850 series GCs (e.g. G2668A), but the part description specifies it is for G2630B, so I take it that this is incompatible with our GC. Is there a way to adapt it for usage on a G2630A, or is there an equivalent part for this model?

  • Hi  , sorry for the delay in your response, G2668A sampling valve is compatible with your 6850A,  but you have to keep in mind that 6850 GC  will be end off warranty support  at the end of June of 2024, I will recommend you  contact with your sales account manager, it  will be better to install  the valve  in a new GC because in 2 years parts for repairs maybe  will not available.



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