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"It turns out that when the injector goes down to take a sample (washing with hexane) it gets stuck in the vial and I can see that the syringe plunger does not go up. Restart the autoinjector, I changed the syringe but still the same. Already checking it manually, I feel how hard the belt that moves the plunger. Reading several forums I saw that something similar happened to a colleague, he said that he improved when he cleaned it. I don't know what I can do, I thought about using Vaseline but I don't see it feasible. Or if someone suggests something to me, I would really appreciate it. It is a GC-MSD 6850-5975"

days ago I shared the following message

In order to better illustrate the error, today I attach the photo of the piece


I appreciate if you can give me another recommendation before thinking about buying the part.

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    I’m sorry for the delayed reply to your message.  Do you still need assistance with this? If you do, please take into consideration the notes below. However, if the issue was resolved, could you please share what the resolution was?  

    As you said you found already on other forums, you would need to make sure the ALS is clean. If there is anything on the mechanism that is contaminated, dirty, sticky, it can prevent proper movement of the Autosampler parts.

    You can try cleaning it, and also moving it manually up and down. If you feel any resistance, and you are sure the mechanism is clean, you may need to consider either replacing the part or repairing the sampler (see below).

    Are you getting a fault light from the sampler, or any error messages from the software at all? Also, what is the Autosampler model number?

    Generally speaking, the recommendation for Agilent Automatic Liquid Sampler models are sent over to Agilent for either repair or exchange. This can vary from region to region. You can get specific details by contacting Agilent Technical Support.

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