Trouble with Backflush Wizard at Chemstation C.01.10

Dear Agilent,

I am trying to perform a "backflush scouting run", using the nice backflush wizard option in Chemstation rev. C.01.10, for configuration of a useful backflush time to my GC method. However, the backflush wizard unfortunately stops after end of the backflush scouting run. The obtained GC data is unfortunately not found/identified by the backflush wizard, I guess.

Do I need to store GC data at a particular data directory or at the C-disc or using a particular name when using the "Sample Info" window at the "Run Control" menu when setting up the single backflush run? If you can show me a "Sample Info" window with the information needed for this purpose, please let me know.

For information, I am using a MMI inlet as injection port, a 10m x 250um x 0.25um HP-1 coated pre-column and a 20m x 250um x 0.25um HP-1 as second column connected to a FID. The backflush device between the capillary columns used is a purged CFT union connected to Aux EPC C. 

Thank you in advance!

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