Detector temperature low when start a new run

As the auto trail log, instrument is not able to maintain the temperature between injection. It seems like the temperature and gas flow will drop at the beginning of the run. 

I have checked the leakage from detector/inlet/column but nothing found. Please advise if you have any suggestion to clear this during the run.

  • Hi

    Clean detector then check..

    But from description, looks like temp sensor malfunctioning..

  • Hi ISH,

    After cleaning the detector nothing changed and noticeable difference between runs. The issue did not resolve. I would like know how to check temperature sensor malfunctioning if you are willing to share the procedure with me. 

  • Hi

    since you have cleaned the detector and no thing has changed.

    first check that you detector temperature isn't extremely low or high

    i suggest to monitor the detector temperature with and with out run

    monitor it without run first, if it isnot stable it may refers to heater or sensor problem

    then try to decrease the temperature 50 decrease and monitor it. 

    and try to decrease the makeup gas

    if it is stable now .  try to continue your application on this way and call the maintenance service


    if the temperature is stable with no run, but it became unstable during run

    first check your method :(detector temperature and makeup) also check your lab environment.

    if everythingis ok it maybe a firmware and you may need to install the soft again ot to update the firmware

  • Hi Mohammad,

    Thanks for your thought, detector temperature is not extremely high or low. I did monitor temperature for FID and inlet the whole time even during the injection. It was stable and maintained for hours/days. Method that I was using I had checked it and reviewed without any noticeable errors, and I was using the method for months.

    After I switch to a new column the problem solved. I took out the column and noticed that there is a gap between my packed column.
    I think the main issue the column that I used turns bad or need to fill up more packing material to able perform this method without any warnings.

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