Nitrogen carrier gas low response

In our company we are using a GC-FID Agilent technologies 7820A connected to a Headspace 7697A from Agilent also,

and we are not able to transfer some methods into our system when the carrier gas is Nitrogen.

Our team is in charge of the Method transfers and we noticed that most of the methods with Nitrogen as carrier gas, can not be applied to our system,

because the peak response is very low. But when we apply the same parameters with Helium the response is higher and we manage to see all peaks.

I understand that we need optimization for methods when the validation has been performed in a different brand of GC-HS system (for example perkin elmer)

but we are facing the same problems with methods that the developer has used the same system as ours and with Nitrogen as carrier gas.

We have methods that still run to our system with Nitrogen and everything is ok but the new ones can not be applied as the developers suggestions.

Do you have any suggestions regarding our problem, has anything similar occurred regarding Nitrogen as carrier gas?

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