highSCD detector baseline signal

Greeting Agilent,

We have 355 SCD detector & its base line signal is reached upto 10000pa , so I have changed its furnace tube for 2 days signal came down to 200pa but next day again SCD signal reach to 10000pa & getting more response in signal. Also please suggest why it's happen in this GC SCD.

Please suggest why scd signal is high.

  • HI!

    1) You can check your system for leaks. No need for tightening ceramic tubes too much. 

    2) Inspect your reactor chamber, is any dirt there? If so, you need to clean everything, clean with CIF liquid soap, even optic filter.

    3) Check ozone restrictor coming to the reactor chamber, sometimes it plugs.

    4) Check you ADC converter, it may need to be replaced.

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