Agilent 8890 GC system

hello, if possible I ask for the user manual in French of the agilent 8890 Gc system machine because after cleaning the injector and the ECD detector I still cannot have signal peaks.

  • Both manuals are in French of 8890 gc

  • ok thank you very much but you know my real problem is the spikes in the signal level i don't know exactly what can cause this problem.

  • Hello i think my problem is not knowing how to do ECD scan as i have all try to have spikes but still the same i ask your help again to achieve this.

  • Hello, I need help setting my baseline during ECD scans because I always find it on 10 × 6 which is not normal.

  • I think, you should call to your local agilent to see it on site..

    In picture, attached by you, inlet pressure is showing 0 psi..means no column flow or something else...

  • I have done it several times but still no answer that's why I had the idea to join this forum, he told me the last time he was traveling for a job.  more than a week.

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