Agilent 6890 inlet pressure and split flow both read 0.

Agilent 6890 inlet pressure and split flow both read 0. Total flow is about 64. Tried replacing the EPC and even the board into which the EPC is plugged with no improvement. Have performed maintenance on the inlet with no improvement. Any ideas?

  • What mode is the S/SL in? Pressure / flow control? Is it in split mode? If so, what's the ratio? 

    With an inlet pressure of 0 and a split flow of 0, and a total flow of 64 the most obvious explanation is that you have it in flow control, splitless, and have a massive leak at the inlet e.g. column connection is not fitted / there's no ferrule in there, or the septum weldment is misaligned and not sealed, or there's no septum in at all. Or you have a break in one of the EPC lines to the inlet / to the split vent trap.

    If that's not the case, try blanking off the inlet column connection with a blanking plug; cap the split vent output with a 1/8" nut and seal, replace the septum and check the inlet base seal and weldment head seal. Set the inlet to pressure control and let it run up to 50KPa or so. Stop the flow and see if it's holds pressure.

  • We eventually found the massive leak (cracked quartz tube in a pyrolysis probe we were using)...problem fixed!

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