ChemStation glitching on HP-6890

I am using an HP-6890 with GC ChemStation B.04.03-SP1 on a Windows 7 Professional computer and it doesn't work very well (slow and integration and calibration don't seem to be working correctly).  Do you have any troubleshooting tips?

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  • Hi

    This is 6890N gc or 6890.

    You can clean up unnecssary file of computer by using below steps mentioned in pdf file i shared..

  • If still problem then may be firmware or software compatibility issue.

    Need more detail from your side to see further..

  • Version B is really old, I'm not sure it is supported on Win 7. Call Agilent support. You may have to use Win NT.

  • Thank you so very much!  Doing it now - will report on the results.

  • Thank you!  I'll check with them.

  • Does anyone have access to a ChemStation tutorial that would cover calibration in-depth?  Perhaps I am not doing it right.  I seem to have figured out the integration aspect.  Thank you very much in advance!

  • In chemstation cd, you can find manual of chemstation..There detail descriptions are mentioned...

  • Thank you!  Unfortunately we must have lost the CD over the years.  I could only find "Getting Started" and "Understanding" versions that go into sufficient detail about calibration.  How can I access the manual you are referring to?  

  • It says HP-6890 and also says G1530A.  I have a serial number as well if that's helpful

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