7890B GC-FID method for greenhouse gases

Please I need a method for the analysis of greenhouse gases especially methane and carbondioxide. I have seen from many journals using this GC for such analysis but the method used was not specified.


  • Agilent has greenhouse gas analyzers available: greenhouse gas analyzer | Agilent

    More details on the greenhouse gas analyzers as well as other analyzer configurations can be found in the Solutions Guide: Analyzer Solutions Guide for the Energy and Chemical Industry (agilent.com)

  • Hello Bigbaylow

    You can check above application of greenhouse gas analysis.

    Since, you looking for ch4 n co2 then you can focus on fid channel as per above applucation but methanizer need for this analysis.

    Hope, it's fine for u.

  • Hi ISH,

    Thanks for the paper, it was just what I was looking for.

  • If your detection limit requirements for carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are above 100 ppm then you do not need the methanizer.  

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