Agilent 8860 for USP467

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Is it OK to use 8860 system for USP467, residual solvents analysis ? Literature that is available is mainly on 8890 but 8860 can also be used ? Agilent do have a blood alcohol analysis app note on 8860 with HS, 1 SSL, a Tee connection, 2 columns and 2 FIDs. Same can be configured for USP467 too on 8860 without any known issues ? 

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    I’m sorry for the delayed reply to your message.  Do you still need assistance with this? If you do, please take into consideration the notes below. However, if the issue was resolved, could you please share what the resolution was? 

    Just as a quick overview, there shouldn't any issue running USP467 on an 8860. If you have specific worries as to why you think there would be issues, please feel free to let us know.

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