FID Detector cost to leave on all the time

I remember hearing about a big cost saving in air / hydrogen  when the 6890 came out..  There was no way to shut off the 5890 gc gaases at the end of a run. I think it was  about 5000 a year if you shut off the air / h2 / makeup gas at the end of the run.

Is there some info on this?  I think that if my coworkers can see a cost benifit they will be more likely to put an "off" method at the end of the run.  

I just know it takes me about 15 min to change a tank.  So ...


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    But u can make shutdown method and put this method in sequence so after run completed..shutdown method will start with optimal column flow n can save gases...

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    This, along with gas saver for inlets was the big advantage of the 6890 when it was introduced. I do not recall seeing any cost saving information published that gave pricing. Happy to stand corrected if someone has the old literature.



  • Some volume values if you are choosing gas cylinders to supply your instruments with gas.

    T size cylinders at 2400 PSIG contain 310 cubic feet of gas or 8778 litres

    Zero Air T size cylinders at 2600 PSIG contain 9509L of gas

    K Size cylinders at 2000 PSIG contain 232 cubic feet or 6569L of gas.

    If your FID is at 400ml/min and constantly on, you will probably be changing tanks every 13 days if you swap it out at 300 PSIG left in the tank.

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