GC transfer line high temperature alarm

Hello there.

I encountered a problem in my GC HS 7964E twice. The instrument was on and ready for injection, but the transfer line was hot than usual, even more than the set temp.

The actual temperature was reading ''--------'' (blank) and an error message was displayed; "High temperature alarm". It was extremely hot to the touch, and I disconnected it from the instrument and waited till it was cool, then I reconnected it.

After that, I was trying to inject my samples, no peaks appeared at all, but peaks who are supposed to be of large areas appeared but with rather smaller areas.

For example, DMSO whose area is supposed to be ''20000'' was found to be only ''300''!

All other methods that I have in my lab were tried, but all of them were of the same results.

My opinion is that there is a doubt that when the transfer line got too hot, some part melted or broken and it was plugged due to that extreme high temperature.

Please advise. Thank you for your time.

  • Hi

    Either there is leak or loop is not filling properly with sample for low area.

    And for too hot transferline, may be PC board or sensor is malfunctioning or faulty of headspace.

    You can change column or trim the column from inlet and detector side.

    If you are using FID then you can clean jet or do FID maintenance.

    After this do injection and see area.

    If still problem persist then problem is from headspace side and has to check complete sample flow path of headspace to see which part is faulty.

    Like after equilibrium of vial,  sample goes in loop and then by switching of valve, helium took sample from loop and goes to GC through transferline.

    So all these need to check.

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