GC not stable

Hello! I am still pretty new to the GC world. I am but a peon. I have been having issues with getting my GC to show stabilization. We have to have 6 consecutive runs that fall within 2% of the average. The areas seem to get higher and higher as the GC runs, causing it to take 12 or more runs in order to show stabilization. It is seeming to get progressively worse.


From what I have researched, it seems as if we should not be shutting off oven/air flow at night but my boss does not like it to be left on. From my quick internet research, it seems as though turning off flow/ heat could cause condensation build up. I have a maintenance kit ordered and it will hopefully help something with this issue. Does this seem like a possibility? If so, do you have any suggestions on how to shut down in a way that is helpful or do you have any other things I should look into to help us with this problem?


If there are further questions please let me know.


Thank you very much!

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