What range of carrier gases is possible?

I'm wondering just how exotic I could get with GC (or GC-MS) carrier gases. For example, could I run pure methane, or carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide, or syngas (CO + H2)? I'm much less concerned with chromatographic efficiency than I am with things like filament lifetime, or on the GC, how the FID detector would respond. Thanks!

  • Hi memfarmer,

    The inlet electronic pressure control (EPC) modules are calibrated for up to 4 carrier gases: Split/Splitless capillary (SS), Purged packed (PP), Programmable temperature vaporization (PTV), Multi-Mode (MM), and cool on-column (COC) are calibrated for Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Argon methane 5%. Volatiles inlet VI is calibrated for only Helium and Hydrogen.

    The issues with non standard gases is complex, in GCMSD, anything with a mass higher than helium can block ionization, effectively a roadblock for signal. 



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