UPS and GC-MS? Yes, no?

Currently, our instrument park consists of a 7200B GC-QTOF and a 7890/5977B GC-MSD; There is an ongoing discussion in-house regarding the installation of a centralized UPS system, and we have been asked if we want our instruments attached. As far as I know a few years ago Agilent did not recommend using UPS power backup systems in connection with GC-MS. Is this still true? We are not so much worried about uptime and sample throughput, but the health of the instruments (especially the turbopumps) in case of power failures (which are not unheard of at our location...).

  • We have backup generation, and we also recently put all of our instruments on a full-pass UPS system (Weissco Power - All power to each instrument goes through the UPS system. The nice thing about the system we have is that the power is conditioned and regulated by a UPS circuit that is correctly sized for the demand. If there is a power failure, the UPS keeps everything running on an even keel until the backup generator can come online, and because it is a full-pass system there are no hiccups at all, no voltage or current fluctuations, just smooth, clean power. The downside is cost - around $30,000 for a used system for just our room (4 LC/MS, 2 GC/MS, 5 GC/FID, 1 GC/ECD, 4 HPLC). The units also have very noisy fans, best if they are installed in a soundproof closet, ours are not alas, we have makeshifted a sound absorber that works OK. You should keep in mind also that when we originally designed our lab, we provisioned it with adequate power to begin with, unlike our previous room where we had very dirty "brown" power supplied by a barely adequate service factor. If we had simply installed a UPS system there, we would probably not realize the benefits of the system.

  • Certainly food for thought Ron, I forwarded the letter to our VP of Engineering to evaluate. Thank you.

  • Agilent does not recommend a UPS for the gcms systems. Attached is the official letter.

  • The UPS's are good but the GCMS requires a lot of power. From the labs we use it provides power for about 30 minutes. They do however protect the system from fluctuations in voltage and current. So the system is usally safe.

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