FID Ignition problem

Hi all

we have GC7890B in our lab, when we try run the GC in morning we faced a problem(FID ignite  failure )   only heard pop sound , three times then FID stop to ignite.

To solve this problem just we blowing on FID jet then FID ignite without any problems all day long.

does anyone know the root for this problem?






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  • If the FID is hot this shouldn't be an issue. The 6890 and later models do not allow FID ignition below 150c. The flame does produce moisture due to the burning of hydrogen and oxygen and this produces some moisture that is released as vapor but will never stick in the collector due to the temperature. The only was I could see this happening is if you have wet carrier gas and the detector is cool and the flame is not lit. Even with wet gas I hesitate to think that a 1 to 2 ml/min would allow any moisture to collect.



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