Simplify Data Analysis on the 8860 GC System with DA Express

In this conversation with George Reiner, we explore DA Express, a data analysis tool designed for simple GC applications that do not require extensive data processing or compliance support, Agilent DA Express for an Agilent 8860 GC provides simplified data analysis, and makes it easy to integrate signal data, build calibration curves, and create result reports. Methods and Sequencing and DA Express are served up from 8860 GC and viewed on the Browser Interface. They are used to create and store GC methods and sequences directly on the GC. Methods and data are also saved on the 8860 GC and later copied to a computer.

DA Express | Agilent

Agilent DA Express: Data Analysis for 8860 GC

Agilent 8860 gas chromatography system


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