How to Use the Agilent Deans Switch to Analyze Complex Matrices

GC Application Scientist, , talks about the Agilent Deans Switch and how it is used in gas chromatography to analyze complex matrices.  Play the video and then post any questions or comments about the topics discussed below.

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  • Can we configure dean switch to cut flow between msd and fid?

  • ISH, that is a very good question.  Yes, you can.  However, you have to be mindful of a few things.  For the Deans Switch to operate optimally, the downstream pressure need to be the same on both columns downstream of the Deans switch.  The MSD operates under a vacuum and detectors like the FID and TCD operate at ambient pressure.  With that in mind, you have to add more restriction to downstream column to the MSD to balance the flow across the Deans Switch.  I will develop some new content to explain this better.  Keep an eye out for a new post about this in the next few weeks!

  • Meaning, i have to use one aux/pcm epc channel for restricted control flow...

  • Thank you...Please make one new content with respect to option of dean switch between msd n fid.

    I will wait to see..

    Thanks a lot...

  • No, the flows on the two columns downstream of the switch have to be equal.  They are feed by the same pressure source, so since MSD is under vacuum and the FID is ambient, the column connected to the MSD has to have more restriction, to keep the flows across the two columns the same.  

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