How to Use the Agilent Deans Switch to Analyze Complex Matrices

GC Application Scientist, , talks about the Agilent Deans Switch and how it is used in gas chromatography to analyze complex matrices.  Play the video and then post any questions or comments about the topics discussed below.

  • Hello anyone got an idea why i always get a double peak on the 2nd dimension when cutting a single peak on the first dimension using a deans switch? also the peak area (the double peak in total) is lower than the peak area of the peak i cut out ? (2 FIDs) i cant figure out where i went wrong when setting it up

  • really changing the switching time doesnt help at all, i can send the whole chromatogram to the 2nd column (setting the dean switch to on for the entire run) and it will only result in a chromatogram full of double peaks on the 2nd dimension...... im thinking theres a dead volume in the dean switch....

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