Can I use the New Flame Ionization Detector Jet on my GC?

New FID Jet! 

  • The latest FID jet is intended for use in 6890/7890/8890/8860/8850/9000 GC models 
  • The legacy jets will not work in the 8890/8850/8860/9000 GC models 
  • The new jet makes installing the column seamless with a conical shape to direct the column into the jet.  
  • New Universal Jet with Column install
  • The new jet has rings at the top of the jet to indicate the exit orifice size. The larger orifice jets are intended for applications with high temperatures and more column bleed. If you are not sure which jet to use, start with the 0.011 in. orifice for optimal performance and increase the orifice size if you find your jet gets plugged frequently.  
  • Optimal Performance Jet Part Number 5200-0176 
  • Column bleed Jet Part number 5200-0177 
  • High Temp Sim Dis Jet Part Number 5200-0178 

 Universal Jet Options

Legacy Jet Reminder 

  • The legacy jet came in two lengths. The shorter jet is for an FID with a capillary optimized base that will only accept capillary columns. The longer jet accommodated an adaptable FID base, or an FID that could accept adapters for capillary or packed columns.  
  • The 8890/8860/8850 are all designed with a capillary optimized base. If you need to connect a packed column, use one of the adapters listed below.  
  • ¼” Packed Column Adapter Part Number G3450-20344 
  • 1/8” Packed Column Adapter Part Number G3450-20342 
  • Image of Agilent Packed Column Adapters


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