Which GC Liner Should I Use?

The Agilent GC liner isolates the sample-flow path from the metal walls of the injector block. Variable GC inlet liner geometry and packing materials characterize sample volatilization. Proper inlet liner selection is crucial to ensure all analytes of interest are rapidly vaporized and transferred to the analytical column without unanticipated interactions or degradation resulting in inlet discrimination.

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Split Liners for GC

  • Allow dilution of an injected sample without additional solvent needing to be added.
  • Recommended split liners for method development:
    • Ultra Inert, split, low pressure drop, glass wool (part number 5190-2295).
      • Great universal liner.
    • Ultra Inert, split, universal, mid-frit (part number 5190-5105).
      • Great universal liner for heavy matrix samples.

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Splitless Liners for GC

  • Total transfer of sample to the column
  • Recommended splitless liners for method development:
    • Ultra Inert, splitless, single taper, glass wool (part number 5190-2293).
      • Excellent method development liner.
    • Ultra Inert, splitless, single taper, bottom-frit (part number 5190-5112).
      • Great for heavy matrix samples.

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Comparison of Glass Wool to Fritted Liners

Dimpled Liners for GC

  • Used in the Agilent Multimode Inlet (MMI) when analyzing heavy matrix.
  • Optimized for cold splitless injections and solvent vent injections.
  • Not recommended for hot injection because of the small internal volume.

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Ultra Inert Inlet Liners Advantage

  • All recommended liners on this page are Ultra Inert
  • Ultra Inert liners feature a proprietary deactivation process.
  • Eliminate potential active sites located throughout the interior of the liner.
  • Facilitates the reliable analysis of trace and active analytes without unintended inlet discrimination.

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Liner Selection Tool

Use the GC Inlet Liner Selector Tool to find the right inlet liner for your different instrument and method.

Liner Selection Poster

Selecting the Right Inlet Liner for Efficient Sample Transfer


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