Como limpiar una columna zorbax AAA para bajar la presión ? La columna lo uso en análisis de aminoácidos

Últimamente lel análisis de aminoácidos se aborta por alta presión en la columna, también sucede que no tengo buena resolución de picos 

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    How to clean a zorbax AAA column to lower the pressure? The column is used in amino acid analysis. 

    Lately the analysis of amino acids is aborted due to high pressure in the column, it also happens that I do not have good resolution of peaks.

  • Hola!

    Please check the datahseet of zorbax aaa column and see at column care section how to clean it: y la sección de cuidado de la columna "column care", específicamente.
    There is a specific cleaning for particulates that blocks the column there.

    To avoid high pressure, the sample preparation as syringe filter or other procedure should help to avoid interferences to enter the column and the system. With this you can guaranteee no blocks in the flow and the pressure should be more constant.
    This can also help with the resolution, once interferences can cause high background, baseline noise and harm peak shape.

    If the column is too used, check if it's time to change it - and you can use a guard column to help on the next one.

    Thank you!

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