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For the Mito stress test kit protocol (kit 103015-100), it says to hydrate the sensor cartridge in xf calibrant in a 37C incubator overnight. I did this on my most recent assay and got strange results. The cells did not appear to respond to the injected drugs as strongly as they have in the past when another lab member did the same experiment.

When I clicked on the extended protocol for this portion, it has different instructions which are to incubate overnight in water and then replace with calibrant an hour before the assay. Could incubating overnight in the calibrant instead of water have adversely affected my assay? 

Thank you for your help!

  • Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting Cell Analysis Technical Support.  I would be happy to take a look at your data if you could send your Wave file to Cellanalysis.support@agilent.com. In terms of the most recent hydration procedure, if you are using an XFe96 cartridge that does NOT have a hydrobooster, you will want to hydrate overnight in sterile H2O, then swap to calibrant the day of your assay. This helps reduce the presence of bubbles in the wells, and in turn, your data. If you send your data to us, I can tell you if the data looks to have bubbles present or the data issue is caused by another factor.

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    Courtney Nadeau Watts

    Technical Support Scientist

    Cell Analysis Products

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