TapeStation Analysis software - "The password did not match"

Hello all,

My colleague shares TapeStation run file, but I can't open it with TapStation Analysis Software 5.1. I receive this message "The password did not match".

I'm not sure if the file is corrupt or not. Please advise me how to fix this issue. Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi Mai,

    Thank you for reaching out to Agilent technical support.

    Please check:

    1. if the data file you are trying to open was generated using TapeStation security module as that can be one reason for the file not to open and error out.
    2. If anyone or both of you are using security module for the TapeStation software

    In general, Project admin can export data from security version of TapeStation software as stated on page 5 of the manual: “Data review is done exclusively on the system laptop. Review on other computers can only happen outside the Security Module software, after exporting data. This is since Projects, Roles and Audit Trails are maintained on the laptop used for the run itself”.

    And outlined in Table 4, page 17 of the manual:

    If above does not address the issue, please collect raw data file, indicate if this was generated using security module, software version and email to your local support team here Contact Us | Agilent.

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