Is there an application that can assess RNA integrity for viral (single stranded) RNA?

Hello. I am looking for a way to assess the quality (not the purity as in a 260/280 score) of viral RNA. Does anyone have experience doing this? 

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  • Hi Dani,

    All of our Automated Electrophoresis platforms (2100 Bioanalyzer, 4150 TapeStation, 4200 TapeStation, Fragment Analyzer and Femto Pulse) have a comparable quality metric for the assessment of RNA integrity. The quality metric can assist in assessing the presence or absence of RNA degradation. Unfortunately, we do not have any Automated Electrophoresis RNA kits validated to run viruses per se. However, our RNA kits can analyze single stranded nucleic acids up to 6000 nt in size. So those samples can be considered. A visual assessment of the electropherogram may assist in determining the presence or absence of RNA degradation. Furthermore, we have this helpful White Paper that describes viral detection that may further help: Quality Control Steps for Viral Sequencing.

    Please find links to the datasheets below that include our Automated Electrophoresis RNA kits' features.

    1. Link to 2100 Bioanalyzer RNA kits is here.
    2. Link to TapeStation RNA kits is here.   
    3. Llink to Fragment Analyzer kits is here.
    4. Link to Femto Pulse kit is here.
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