Agilent Prosize Batch Processing: Locating the configuration file.

Hi Agilent Team,

I'm trying to use the batch processing function in the agilent prosize software. I keep getting the error that the the software can't locate the configuration file. I've tried saving configuration files in the folders with the same name as the other files, or as the method name in the pdf. I've tried loading them beforehand as well before opening the batch processing function. What's the right way to run this tool? That is, to find the method file name and put the configuration file in the right location with that name?

Thank you.

  • Hi ArneG,

    Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry you are observing this error. If you are observing the error 'ProSize cannot find the configuration file' then likely there is no configuration file with the exact same name as the method file. To successfully apply the batch processing routine, the name of the Run Method in the instrument software must exactly match the configuration method in ProSize. The location of the configuration files vary slightly depending on the ProSize software version being used. Here is an example of the location of the configuration files when using the latest ProSize software version: C:\ProSize data analysis software\Configurations\Xcm (X = length of array being used). I am also including this helpful link: How to Videos for ProSize Analysis Software. This link includes a Batch Processing Video. If you try these steps and see any issues, please let us know.

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