Tape Station Client Application

I am having a little trouble with the Tape Station client on a windows laptop.  Ver 3.2

Normally when you launch the application, you see a splash screen. It fades out after a few seconds then the software opens. At this time, use will launch and the splash screen well sit there for about 10 seconds then just disappear rather than fade out, and the application will not start.  Can't seem to find a permanent fix.  remove/reinstall - delete and create new local user profile - replaced laptop - tried two different versions.  All of these fixed it for a while, now its back again.

Not sure what else to look at. We have several users with this installed and have only seen it a couple other times. Wondering if there is another software installed that it doesn't play nice with. 
Out of ideas. Please help,

Todd Cully

LIS Admin for Caris Life Sciences 

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