Electrophoresis error in diagnostic setup run on Tapestation 4150


We just recently got a new tapestation 4150 in our lab, which we're trying to set up. As a part of the setup I rand the full system diagnostics to see if the system is working with the Tapestation Test Tape. Everything runs successfully and the barcode is read on it, but the following test gets aborted by the system: 

Electrophoresis Cartridge Connectivity G2992A DEDAB01804 Aborted by system
Electrophoresis Voltage Supply Check G2992A DEDAB01804 Aborted by system
Electrophoresis Stability Test G2992A DEDAB01804 Aborted by system
Electrophoresis Current Leakage G2992A DEDAB01804 Aborted by system

Subsequently, all test on voltage/current average, and stability fails.

Please see the attached diagnosis report.

Are there any common errors that could be causing this or is there something wrong with the electrodes in the new system?

Thanks for any help.

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  • Dear Andreas,

    Thank you for contacting the Agilent team and for including the diagnostics report.

    Electrophoresis related tests can false fail if TapeStation test tape P/N 5067-5601 was not used to run these tests. Therefore, please repeat the diagnostics following the software prompts. Specifically, please perform the following steps in the indicated sequence and email data to your local support team at post@matriks.no .

    1. Perform system reboot:
      1. Turn off both the instrument and PC.
      2. Turn on the PC but do not open the controller software.
      3. Turn on the instrument and let it completely initialize.
      4. Wait for about a minute and then open the controller software. We expect connection between instrument and PC to be established.
    2. Run Hardware diagnostics: Please run instrument hardware troubleshooting test suite following instructions starting page 110 of the 4150 TapeStation manual.
    3. Collect and send in the latest log files: To collect logs, after step 2, please close the controller software > Open analysis software > File > Help> Export logs > email us the .zip folder.

    Thank you, Shweta

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