Bioanalyzer Error Codes - RNA problems

Hello all,


I used the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer to assess the quality of purified RNA. However, two error codes came up and prevent me from obtaining RINs.


I selected the prokaryotic total RNA assay.


The first code, of which I am more concerned, is code 4,501: "unexpected sample type". Does this mean my samples may be contaminated? There are some replicates which do not have this error, have an RIN of 10, and the electropherogram looks pretty much identical to the samples with the error code. Perhaps the electrodes have excess RNA zap on them that is contaminating the samples?


The second code is unexpected 5S subunit, which I've seen before and know how to bypass, but was wondering if the two codes may be related.


I would appreciate any insight!


Thank you.

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