Chlorinated paraffins

Does anybody have any experience with the determination of short chain chlorinated paraffins by LC-MS?

Thanks to all!

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  • Hi Tomi

    thank you for the reply!

    I saw this document two years ago and at the moment I use the same GC-MS procedure to test the SCCP.

    The problem is the same MRM transition to SCCP and MCCP because the retention time is near the same!

    With LC-MS I observed the formation of a dimer of SCCP and I saw the different cluster of chlorinated compund

  • Hi Riccardo,


    I read some more on these compounds to understand their chromatography more. It seems that we're looking at mixture of alkanes containing different number of Chlorine. So we can't separate those in conventional GC as boiling point changes depending on number of attached Chlorines and we end up with chromatography looking similar to diesel/gasoline "forest".


    In this case if we want to separate SCCP/MCCP from each other, identify structure and content of Chlorine I would suggest GCxGC-EI-QTOF. Note that when detector is MS we need to use thermal modulator in order to keep column flow appropriate to detector. Other options would be exploring possibility of using Chlorine specific detector like µECD as then we can use flow modulator giving us lower instrument cost.


    Hope this helps and for more info you can read following article on GCxGC-NCI-TOF used to identify structure of these CPs.


    Journal of Chromatography A

    Volume 1086, Issues 1–2, 9 September 2005, Pages 71–82

    Characterization of polychlorinated n-alkanes using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography–electron-capture negative ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry

    •P. Korytára, b, , , •J. Parerac, •P.E.G. Leonardsa, •F.J. Santosc, •J. de Boera, •U.A.Th. Brinkmanb

  • Hi Riccardo,


    Yeah, those type of units are not that common. Best of luck with the method.

  • Hi Tomi,

    thank you for the reply!

    The article it's very interesting, but the instrument isn't available in my laboratory!

    I continue to working on LC-MS, I have high hopes in this method!

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