Serial Commands to Read Pressure and Current on Ion Pump Controller X3602-64000

I'm using a RS232 serial to ethernet converter and am trying to construct serial commands to send via python to read the ion pump's pressure and current. The manual states the message is a string in the following format:

<STX> + <ADDR> + <WIN> + <COM> + <DATA> + <ETX> + <CRC>


<STX> = 0x02

<COM> = 0x30

<EXT> = 0x03

The <WIN> value to read pressure is 812 and to read current is 811. Since I'm using RS232 and issuing a read command, my understanding is that <ADDR> and <DATA> are not used in the calculation of <CRC> or the final message string. Is this correct? Does the <WIN> value need to be converted to hex to calculate the <CRC>?

Without the <CRC>, I believe the serial command to read pressure is:

<STX> + <ADDR> + <WIN> + <COM> + <DATA> + <ETX> + <CRC> = 0x028123003 + <CRC>

And to read pressure:

0x028123003 + <CRC>


Am I on the right track or in the weeds? Thanks.

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