Calibration table not accepting retention time adjustments after reprocessing

Hello. I've started having an issue where chemstation doesn't save my retention time adjustments when I reprocess the calibration sequence. I'm including screenshots and i'll walk through this in steps.


Step 1: Run the calibration sequence and open the data file. We'll track glucose for this explanation- notice that the differences in actual vs. expected retention time.


Step 2: Adjust retention times to match observed RTs. I can click around to other samples in the calibration sequence and the times remain adjusted.


Step 3: Reprocess- this screenshot was taken while the sequence was reprocessing. The adjusted times show up in the calibration table as the sequence is reprocessing, however....


4: The times go right back to where they were before I adjusted them.

Does anybody have any insight into this? We run 10 HPLCs with this same method and I've only encountered this problem with this specific instrument.

Thanks in advance!!!

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