CC file problem


I am using openlab cds v 2.6

In order to calculate the percentage dissolution i need standard concentration. I have managed to get the sample amount , the dilution Factor and the correction Factor. The cc that calculates the concentration works pretty fine at injection scope but both for sample and standard.

The formula goes like this

% dissolution = (Area_Sample / Area_Std) * (Concentration_Std/Concentration_Sample) * 100

Is there a way to separate the standard concentration from sample concentration 

Any help would be appreciated.

  • I'm going to need more information to answer your question. What do you mean by "separate"? Where are you getting both areas from? Have you defined other variables in a cc file? Your formula looks like the % recovery of the sample, is that all you want? There are already internal functions with the calibration that will get you most of the way there. I suggest looking into how to use internal calibrations to quantify concentrations of samples, then use a field to enter sample concentrations and simply divide by that and multiply by 100.

    Set your standards as "Cal. Std" in sample type and fill in their level and concentration information in the Compound > Calibration section of the processing method. Then any other samples after the calibration (see bracketing mode to change this) should calculate their own concentrations based on the calibration. Then like I said, use another field to enter the expected concentration (as prepared) and simply divide that by the calculated concentration and multiply by 100. I don't recall the field name for the calculated concentration, but I remember it is either ending in "concentration" or "amount". Just do a quick calculation on the side and look at what field gives the right values.

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