Issue for GPC Addon with CDS 2.7

I have encountered two systems recently with the GPCSEC Addon for CDS 2.7.  In both cases, the GPC software is active in Data Analysis (I can create a GPC/SEC method and all the method setup sections are present).  However, in the GPC section, the peaks from narrow standards cannot be added (no right-click option), and none of the settings can be changes (Signal Choice, Type of Calibration, etc.).  After processing, a "GPC processing not permitted" error appears by the sample list.

I suspect the problem is in the license file but I can't confirm this.  When I view the licenses on working vs. non-working systems, I see slight differences in the GPC section of the license (AddonGPCSEC vs. GPCSECAddon).  Doesn't seem like a big difference but I wonder if it is related. 

Any help/suggestions are appreciated.


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