Cannot save the sequence.


We’re hoping you could help with a small issue we’ve encountered with OpenLab.
We’ve set up two new accounts for two new analysts. They’ve been given the same privileges as everybody else but when they go to save a new sequence we get the following error message: ''Cannot save sequence. One or more errors occured''.
There is no error code or number.
We can’t see what the actual errors are anywhwere.
Do you have any idea what this may be and how to rectify it ? We’ve also tried deleting the accounts and re-adding them but get the same issue.

Thanks a million.

  • Hello,

    What software and version are you using? I would assume it is OpenLab CDS 2.x, either workstation plus or a client server system. If you have one of these systems, it is possible to get orphaned IDs in the database, which can stop the system from syncing permissions for new users and projects. There were tools created for the older versions that are on subscribenet in the OpenLab 2.x updates section. You will likely need to open a support ticket with your local support group for a workstation or Agilent informatics support if you have a client server install to confirm the issue and help resolve it. 


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