OpenLab CDS Reporting - MultiPeak Hit Table sort by RT

I'm trying to build a report for unknown samples with the following information below the TIC:

RT, MS Library Search Compound Name, Area, %Area, Library Name, Score

I am unable to figure out a way to display the MS Library Search Result Compound Name in the same table as the other desired information. The processing method does not have set compounds due to the nature of the unknown samples.

There is a MultiPeak Hit Table, which does not have Area as an option, but it has RT - So is there a way to sort this table by RT? Current default values are Score, Library Name, and Probability % 

  • Hello,

    I am not sure it gets you what you want but it is possible to sort that table on RT. See below for an example. It cannot be done within the software you would need to edit the raw RDL file in a text editor like notepad++. The sort order is below for the table in question. Please make sure you have a good copy of your report template in case you make a mistake editing it outside the software. 

    Sorting on Score


    Changed to 



    Sort - Score

  • This did work for me! and I could perhaps make it work by having two snippets next to each other, one with RT, Area, etc, and the other with Compound Name and that information - but I haven't been able to get them to line up properly yet. Is there a way to get Area to populate in the MultiPeak Hit table by editing the xml file?

  • Hello,

    I do not think so as that table is a custom object and will only accept the parameters configured. 


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