Automatic UV Spectrum Extraction in CDS 2.5

Is there a way to configure a processing method to automatically extract UV spectra for all peaks on reprocessing?

I am using OpenLab CDS 2.5 and it looks like there is the option to automatically extract MS spectra for all peaks, but I don't see an option for UV spectra.  Is it possible to configure the processing method to perform this automatically for UV spectra?

  • Hello,

    No, the software cannot extract UV spectrum automatically. You can setup a report that would show the spectra for integrated peaks. Your report snippet options for this style report will vary by version with the UV Spectra Flowlayout being the one used most often when available. 


  •  I agreed with Martin. You cannot extract UV spectrum automatically with OpenLab CDS. There are some articles on how to extract the UV spectra in Data Analysis > Data Processing. Hope you will find them useful 

    • How to Extract a UV Spectrum with the Spectrum Extraction Tool in OpenLab CDS (link)
    • How to Extract a UV Peak Spectrum Via Right Click in OpenLab CDS (link)
    • How to Extract UV Spectra From Multiple Peaks in One Step in OpenLab CDS (link)
    • How to Extract a UV Background Spectrum in OpenLab CDS (link)
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