OpenLab CDS cannot do peak integration

Hello, I have performed some test samples run on an HPLC as a beginner. The data analysis software on my HPLC (Agilent Infinity 1260 II) should be part of OpenLab CDS (version but in the computer desktop it is just called "2 - Data Analysis". On this software I can load my chromatogram but I am not able to do any peak integration (manual or automatic). There is no finger button (like is shown in the tutorials ) to click and do manual integration, nor can I manually put in the time range for the integration. In addition, the "activate/deactivate spectrum extraction" button is greyed out and not clickable.

Is there any setting that I have to change to enable spectrum extraction and (manual/automatic) peak integration?


  • It looks like you have not got a processing method linked to your data files. As such the software does not know what settings to use to do spectrum extraction or integration.

    Head to the processing tab and click 'New Method'. This will ask what type of method you want, e.g. Area Percent/Quantitative/3d UV Quantitative. Once you defined what method, link it to your data using the 'Link Method' option at the top of the screen or you can select the sequence, using the sequence name, and right click "Link selected injection to selected method'.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hello, thank you for your help. I had tried loading different processing methods but I didn't realize the results were not linked to any method. It turns out the result files were read-only and could not be linked to any method. I moved the result files to new folder and was able to link to a method and do the integration.

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