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I have got a short question on OpenLab CDS. As you can see in my chromatogram, I have got peak markers above peaks that are not part of my compound list. Is it possible to remove those peak markers and additionally the retention times so that only my peaks of interests are annotated?

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  • Hi  

    Looks like you're asking about an intelligent report template.

    You can remove the peak markers from all peaks (I always do this!!) in the properties of the chromatogram in the report template.

    The labelling of the peaks is also done in this properties, and depending which template and report item you're using, it may look like the above,  You could simply remove the Retention Time label, and only have the compound peaks labelled with their name.

    If you want both retention time and compound name shown, let me know and I'll reply, showing you how to use a formula to label the peaks!


  • Hello,

    Here is an example report with a couple of options for the chromatogram object labeling. The first chromatogram is just the standard object. The second uses filtering to remove all the unknown peaks based on the compound name length. This removes all labeling for the unknown peaks. The third uses an expression to remove the RT from the unknowns but leaves any other labeling like baselines or tops as selected. The filter and expression used are shown in screenshots below.  

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